Greens Abroad meet-up: London

Able to vote overseas in the elections of another country?

Want to get involved in the global dimension of Green politics – the Global Greens?

Expats, let’s get organised and influential for elections of the 100 Green parties globally – and the 2019 European elections!

Welcome to the First Meet-up of Greens Abroad in London!

  • Where: The Gregorian, 96 Jamaica Rd., London
  • When: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
  • Contact: David Westsson,

Co-Organised by:

  • Miljöpartiet de gröna (the Green party of Sweden) branches in The Hague and London
  • Global Greens
  • Green Party of England and Wales
  • Australian Greens
  • Green party of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Kiwi Greens Global

Please RSVP using Action Network

Join Queer Greens Victoria at Pride [AUS]

Queer Greens Victoria, in Australia, are taking part in their Pride march on Sunday the 29th of January, from 12:30–16:30 (UTC+11).

Meeting at Corner of Fitzroy St & Lakside Dr in Victoria, they’ll be taking part in the parade under the Queer Greens Victoria banner, with Australian Greens LGBTIQ Spokesperson, Senator Janet Rice, and other elected representatives. After the parade, they will be having a BYO picnic.

Queer Greens Victoria at Midsumma 2017
Queer Greens Victoria at Midsumma 2017 | Photo: Queer Greens Victoria

They invite people who are young and old, whether you are a Green member or supporter, LGBTIQ or an ally, to wear green and join them at Pride.

All the information is available on the event on the Queer Greens Victoria Facebook. Please RSVP at the Victoria Greens website.

(Featured photo source: Queer Greens Victoria)