Global Greens LGBT+ responds to US Election

There are no words. Today is a truly devastating day, for LGBTIQA+ people, for Women, for people of colour, for a tolerant and equal world.

It’s more urgent than ever that those who believe in equality, justice and securing our global future unite for the common good.

We must organise like never before.

It’s ok to be scared, but let’s use this fear to organise and unite, to come together, to fight for the common good, for a world where we can be free and equal.

This isn’t an episode of Black Mirror, this is very real, and this is happening, so we fight back. We are proud to be a part of the LGBTIQA+ community, we’re a community that has had to fight for our rights, that has faced so much adversity, that still faces discrimination and bullying, and in some places even death, we have fought through, we will fight through. This is not the end, and we will stand proud, for our community, for those in the closet, and for our allies.


Aimee Challenor, and Sean Mulcahy,

Interim Co-Convenors, Global Greens LGBT+ Network.

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